Cultural Activities

Alongside his interest in global problems, one area very close to Heinrich Dräger's heart was his local environment. Even today, the Foundation continues to devote a great deal of energy to preserve the cultural treasures of Lübeck and Schleswig-Holstein, to promote music, art, and medicine, and to preserve the landscape.


During Heinrich Dräger's lifetime already, the Dräger Foundation was devoted to the care and preservation of artistic tradition in and the cultural heritage of Lübeck and Schleswig-Holstein. The following are but a few examples: financial support of the Thomas Mann Society in Lübeck which continued until 1997, and of the Buddenbrook-Haus; the furtherance of extensive excavations in the historical center of Lübeck; considerable donations for cultural facilities and the support of church restorations.


For the Hanseatic town of Lübeck, a particularly important project relating to the preservation of historical monuments is the continued promotion of the association for the reconstruction of St. Petri's Church in Lübeck which was destroyed during World War II. In addition, the Dräger Foundation made a generous donation to the construction of the Music and Congress Center in Lübeck which was completed in 1996 and is likewise of great importance to Lübeck as a city of music.


The Dräger Park is one of the most important projects in the domain of landscape preservation. This extensive local recreation area in the form of a park, which includes a special play area for children, was donated to the City of Lübeck in 1977. Furthermore, the Dräger Foundation has contributed considerably to the creation of other green areas and hiking trails in and around Lübeck, including a landscape preservation area. Especially during the years 1990-1993 the Foundation made a major contribution to the extension of footpaths, including those on the lakeside towards Ratzeburg and along Lübeck's town moat.