General Aims

What form will our society and our economy take in the future? And what can we start doing today to influence this development?


The Dräger Foundation promotes science and research, especially in the area of national and international economic and social order. In addition, the Foundation is involved in a range of activities serving the public good in Lübeck and the surrounding region, among others in the field of medicine, music, art and culture, as well as the protection of the landscape and the environment.


In this context the Foundation considers itself primarily as an operational foundation which develops and implements its own programs, partly in cooperation with other organizations. Not least as a result of the rapid development of communications, today's world is characterized by numerous international networks and interdependencies - and this will be even truer of tomorrow's world. Contact between different nations and economic areas is intensifying, and this demands that we promote mutual understanding as an essential prerequisite for efficient international cooperation. The constant exchange of ideas, thoughts and experience between peoples and countries as well as joint actions are necessary if we are to overcome existing problems.


The Foundation does not award any scholarships or grants.