(all volumes published only in German)



Vol. I:

Theory and Practice of Keynesian Economic Policy - Development and State of Discussion. Berlin/Heidelberg 1976.

Bombach/ Ramser/Timmermann/ Wittmann (editors)


Vol. II:

The Employment Policy Discussion in Germany before Keynes - Documents and Comments. Berlin/Heidelberg 1976.

Bombach/Ramser/Timmermann/Wittmann (editors)


Vol. III:

The Discussion on Monetary and Employment Theory in Germany in Keynes' Time - Documents and Analyses. Berlin/Heidelberg 1981.

Bombach/Netzband/Ramser/Timmermann (editors)

- out of print -


Vol. IV:

The Employment Policy Discussion during the Growth Era of the Federal Republic of Germany - Documents and Analyses. Berlin/Heidelberg 1993.

Bombach/Netzband/Timmermann (editors)


Vol. V:

Macroeconomics after Keynes. Berlin/Heidelberg 1984.

Bombach/Ramser/Timmermann (editors)


Vol. VI:

The Influence of Keynesian Thinking on the Growth Theory. Springer-Verlag Berlin/Heidelberg/et al. 1997.

Bombach/Ramser/Riese/Stadler (editors)


C. M. Jäggie: The Macroeconomic Theory of J. M. Keynes. (Translation into German). Berlin/Heidelberg 1986