The "Future" Series - Edition Dräger Foundation

(Volumes 1-13 published only in German, volume 14 in English)

Vol. 1:
Ethical Demands on State and Society, Lothar Späth (1980)

Vol. 2:
Aspects of the Advancement of the Social Market Economy, Heinrich Dräger (1980)

Vol. 3:
The Creation of Private Property in Housing Construction and Proposals for a Reform of Supporting Measures, A. Oberhauser, B. Kaufmann, M. Scheuer (1982)

Vol. 4:
The World is Becoming too Small: Thoughts on the Population Growth, Heinrich Dräger (1982)

Vol. 5:
Third World - Whole World: Population Growth Endangers Mankind, various authors (1982)

Vol. 6:
Unemployment as Fate: Employment Problems in the Third World, various authors (1983)

Vol. 7:
Too Little Work for too Many People: In Search of Solutions for Employment Problems, Heinrich Dräger (1984)

Vol. 8:
The World Trade of Tomorrow: Consequences for Developed and Underdeveloped Countries, various authors (1984)

Vol. 9:
Partnership as a Target: The Role of Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer in the World Economy, various authors (1985)

Vol. 10:
The International Debt Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Perspectives for Solutions, various authors (1987), Nomos-Verlag

Vol. 11:
The European Community in the World Economy, various authors (1987), Nomos-Verlag

Vol. 12:  (Temporarily out of print)
The International Monetary System and the World Economy, various authors (1988), Nomos-Verlag

Vol. 13:
Germany and Its Basic Law, various authors (1993), Nomos-Verlag

Vol. 14:
Germany and Its Basic Law - Past, Present, Future, various authors (1993), Nomos-Verlag

Vol. 15:
More Competition, More Jobs - Is Full Employment an Illusion, various authors (1996), Nomos-Verlag

Vol. 16:
Economies in Transition and Globalized Markets: The Challenge to International Economic Organizations, various authors (1997), Nomos-Verlag

Vol. 17:
Health Care Systems at the Crossroads: Balancing Individual Needs with Financial Limitations, div. Autoren (2001), Nomos-Verlag



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