About us

Heinrich Dräger

The way our world will look in the future is something that will not be determined in the future, but today - and to some extent by the way we face up to the key social and economic challenges of our time.


Following this philosophy of Heinrich Dräger, the Dräger Foundation believes its job is to bring people together to jointly develop ideas for the future within the framework of an international exchange.


The Dräger Foundation was inaugurated on June 5, 1974 by Heinrich Dräger (1898-1986). During the almost 60 years of his entrepreneurial commitment at the head of Drägerwerk from 1928 until 1986 Heinrich Dräger was always prepared to accept social responsibility. As an economic and social scientist he was particularly interested in the most important contemporary problems, e. g. demographic challenges, employment policy, property policy, sustainability of the ecological balance and especially development and population policy.


Just how well Heinrich Dräger recognized the signs of our times has become especially clear today. The population explosion in many developing and newly industrializing countries and the global environmental threat for which the industrial nations are largely responsible are the really decisive challenges of the 21st century. Heinrich Dräger, who headed the Dräger Foundation until his death in 1986, showed its way and set the course for its activities beyond his death.


The Dräger Foundation is a non-profit institution. It pursues exclusively and directly non-profit ends. Right from the start, the Foundation's mission was intentionally formulated fairly broadly in order to be able to react in a flexible way in all situations where social commitment is particularly needed.