The Global Economic Symposium (GES)

Redefining Success

Kiel, Germany, October 1-2, 2013

The GES is a high-powered, high-ranking solution forum. Under the patronage of Mr. Josè Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, it brings together outstanding leaders from the world's policy-making, business, academic, and civic communities to find new ways of tackling major global economic problems. The challenges addressed include such problems as sovereign debt crises, climate change, energy security, food and water shortages, poverty and inequality, unemployment, education deficits, and global security threats. These problems are difficult to address, since most policy instruments are national and international institutions often have a limited remit. The GES is an ongoing strategic process and dialogue in which the entire global economic community generates ideas, develops visions and instigates feasible projects in the cause of global problem-solving.


The Dräger Foundation's workshop 'Governing Global Oceans' at the Global Economic Symposium 2013 is following the Foundation's conference series 'Sustainable Oceans: Reconciling Economic Use and Protection' which - at its final conference in Portugal - will focus on good governance for sustainable marine development and discuss the role of national governments, international organizations and agreements, science, business, and NGOs in securing a sound future for the oceans: How can the use of the oceans' resources be regulated? How to strike a balance between governance and regulatory overkill? How to introduce effective surveillance mechanisms in open international areas as well as in coastal zones? How to finance the protection of the seas? One of the key objectives of the conference series as well as the GES Workshop is to help establish a European Ocean Alliance and link it to the U.S. Joint Ocean Commission Initiative. A joint EU-U.S. white paper on the state of the oceans and coasts for politics as well as business should be initiated which finally should submit a remedial action plan towards sustainable oceans to our governments.